Human Values

Human Values are the qualities we aspire to for ourselves and appreciate in others: Kindness and Caring, Respect and Acceptance, Generosity, Gratitude, Compassion, Happiness.

Instinctively these are qualities we appreciate in others and desire for ourselves.  For many these are elusive or transitory in the pressure and thrust of everyday life.

What happens if people lose these qualities?  Among individuals, this can lead to insecurity, unhappiness, abuse and depression.  On a wider scale, across society, this can give rise to terrorism and war.

Time and again, even in the most toxic and debilitating environments, our projects have demonstrated the effectiveness of our very simple strategies and techniques to enhance these qualities in most people quickly, easily and inexpensively.

IAHV employs proven and effective techniques for those in extreme tension and stress, who are suffering trauma, anger, depression and emotional dysfunction.  The result is to bring them back to an experience and manifestation of essential positive human values for the benefit of themselves and the society around them.

How does this work?

We may all experience we are at our best – happy, caring, generous etc – when our energy is strong, when we are not tired or stressed, and when we are centred.  We are unhappy, uncaring, intolerant and bad tempered, when we are tired, stressed, and our life is out of balance in some way.  These conditions trigger us to come out of our centre and be off balance. We then manifest negative human values, such as aggression and intolerance, stress, hopelessness or depression.

Thus our inner qualities and Values are a reflection and product of our life situation, and vary according to the extent of our resilience to the stressors around us.  Positive qualities and gifts flourish spontaneously when the conditions are conducive. Also if we have acquired the skill to remain centred, even in adverse conditions.

The programmes run by IAHV use well established, proven techniques from the ancient traditions adapted for the 21st century for this purpose. The result is an enjoyable process that we deliver in simple and accessible ways to groups and individuals, to enable them to release old trauma, understand their own emotions, be energised and become spontaneously their best selves.  In this climate their innate positive Human Values flourish for the benefit of themselves and all around them.  In just a few days, people can get back on their feet, transform, and take charge of their lives.

As the result of floods, earthquakes and conflict, people lose their homes, families, livelihoods and can suffer deep trauma and stress.  In these situations, our methods are ideal.  We deliver our simple, proven methods to large groups at a time.  The benefits can come to people very quickly.  The outcome is transforming lives of people who are traumatised or stressed.

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