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IAHV UK runs an international peacebuilding unit that works in partnership with other professionals and organisations at the forefront in integrating mental health and psycho social support into peacebuilding in post-conflict settings. These elements are now well recognised as the essential missing link in achieving impactful and sustainable Peacebuilding.

Our Peace unit is currently actively engaged in working with partner organisations including the EU in projects with Syrian refugee youth in camps and the host communities in Jordan and Lebanon.


IAHV Peacebuilding Programmes effectively transform the mindsets, attitudes, wellbeing and behaviour of individuals and communities engaged in or affected by conflict and violence.

Cooperating with other organisations in a holistic approach, IAHV lays a strong psycho-social foundation in which other peace and development efforts can take root.

Supplying this missing link in peacebuilding, we turn personal transformation into greater peacebuilding impact.


Our human-centred approach lends itself to working across sectors and populations, including international organisations (UN, EU, World Bank), governments, managers and CEO’s, social and community workers, women’s groups, religious leaders, refugees, victims of violence, youth, terrorists and rebels, prisoners and children, bridging religious, ethnic and social divides. Together with our sister organisation, the Art of Living Foundation, our programs have reached over 20 million people in 150 countries.

“We are working in an environment that is in dire need of psychosocial activities. I have never seen such an effective stress relief as in this workshop…” Social worker Zaatari Refugee Camp Jordan

Recognising that no peace can become sustainable as long as it is not internalised and socially supported by the people, IAHV focuses on strengthening a fertile psycho social foundation for sustainable peace. On the personal level we transform the mindsets, attitudes, behaviour and wellbeing of individuals and communities involved in or affected by conflict and violence.

“It was as if a wave of positivity had entered my life. My days weren’t always happy, sometimes I smile , but most days I just don’t. Now I am smiling all the time, especially after applying the techniques given to me by the trainers….. It’s really amazing” Participant from Stress relief and Resilience Workshop for Syrian and Jordanian children
This holistic approach to personal transformation addresses the entire person from the physical to deeply existential layers, transcending the strictly cognitive, thus restoring peace at every level. Our programmes are human, life affirming and empowering. Healed and empowered, individuals can play a positive peace enhancing role in their families, communities, institutions and all sectors of society.

Given this expertise, the IAHV Peacebuilding Programme focuses on the following programme areas: (1) Trauma Relief, Resilience and Empowerment; (2) Preventing and Transforming Violent Extremism – Mobilising Youth for Peace; (3) Bridging Divided Communities, Dialogue and Reconciliation; and (4) Training Professional Peacebuilding and Development Agencies.


IAHV’s proven track record includes efforts to provide rehabilitation of victims as well as perpetrators, re- integration of ex -combatants, youth leadership and women’s empowerment training, prevention of radicalisation and leadership development initiatives in areas beset by conflict, including Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Kosovo, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Ivory Coast, Israel- Palestine, India and South Africa.

Evidence of IAHV’s holistic programmes include significant and sustainable reduction in PTS symptoms of US army war veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan; significant reduction in PTS, anxiety and depression among survivors of the tsunami in 2003; a 30% reduction of violent incidents in several Los Angeles juvenile detention centres; reconciliation among warring tribes in Ivory Coast; prevention and renunciation of violence by thousands of militants and terrorists in India; and an 85% suicide reduction rate in Kosovo prisons over 2 years .

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