Pavitra (Pure) – Let’s Talk. Period.

Inspired by the broader vision of women’s empowerment, Project Pavitra with a team of volunteers, enables women in society to become agents of change. It is designed to take menstrual education to adolescent girls and women across all geographic and income groups.

Years of ignorance and silence around the issue of menstruation has resulted in a societal void where any conversation about this topic is stifled in the name of tradition and culture. We strive to bring back the essence of these beliefs as was intended in Vedic times.

The growing team of dynamic volunteer trainers is taking the knowledge of holistic and culturally compatible practices combined with  the invaluable wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda, to women and girls, enabling them to experience their periods with ease, comfort and happiness.

A training module has been developed that spans 90 minutes daily, for 3 consecutive days. Research, consultation and advice from our in-house experts of Yoga and Ayurveda have resulted in a comprehensive programme addressing menstrual health issues, across all age groups.

The programme includes knowledge of the physiological processes involved in a woman’s menstrual cycle to  enable the beneficiaries to gain a deep understanding of this  integral but rarely discussed aspect of their reproductive and general health.

The introduction of Yogic practices and Ayurveda is aimed at bringing about positive lifestyle changes that would ensure a healthy and pain-free menstrual experience.

This project will evolve to provide the beneficiaries with a basket of choices containing health, hygiene and wellness products and services. This will not only enable them to make informed decisions but instil confidence and dignity in them. We envision that with taking on the responsibility of transforming their own lives, women will develop the power to take the transformation out into the community and society.

Need for funding and support
The project aims at transforming the lives of women across the world but needs support to:

  • Reach out to every corner of the country and develop trainers’ capacity to conduct the maximum number of workshops.
  • Organise large scale events as platforms for advocacy on a topic that has till recently been shrouded in shame.
  • Design and implement micro-entrepreneurship models for women around eco-friendly and sustainable hygiene products.
  • Maintain the running costs of the project.

Vision for the Future
In the long run, this programme will  build a strong framework that will provide agency to women to be “Change Makers”. They will be empowered to break the shackles of social stigma and taboos around menstruation through knowledge, lifestyle improvement and sustainable practice.

How can you contribute?

  • By choosing to become a trainer to spread this valuable knowledge.
  • By donating to support the project.
  • By introducing the concept of this project into your communities to mobilise an advocacy drive. We can provide you with any further information.
  • By offering to contribute to any particular need of the moment. Please ask and we will provide details.

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GET INVOLVED To reach more people in need, we need your help: volunteers, supporters and donations.

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