Ayurveda Mother and Infant (AMI)

It is shocking to learn that 21 million new mothers worldwide suffer mild to severe depression. This impacts the health and wellbeing of their families, and ultimately society as a whole.

Mothers are the pivot of a happy, healthy society and deserve the best care and attention from preconception to the vital 6-week postpartum window for their return to full vitality.

[Sources: Postpartum Support International and Countrymeters]

Ayurveda offers safe, proven, profound answers, which ensure mothers are nurtured and supported during this vital time of their lives to keep their role as the backbones of strong families.

Women are the backbone of any society. The role of women in the development of a society is paramount. Actually, it is the only criterion that determines whether a society is solid and harmonious or not. Also, a corruption-free society can emerge only when women are given due consideration, due respect and importance. In terms of building character and integrity, women can do a better job. They were born to be leaders.
by our founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Who we are:

Ayurveda Mother and Infant (AMI) is a service initiative under the umbrella of the International Association of Human Values UK branch (IAHV) providing Ayurvedic support for the wellbeing of families worldwide.

We are a five-year-old school with teachers having experience in this field for more than 20 years. We are devoted to spreading this family support.

Our Vision:

We create city support teams for families from pre-conception through to the first years of their child’s life. There are many, many families struggling to balance the all-important care of themselves and of their offspring, often in isolation without family support.

We offer a 100-hour postpartum programme for technicians/practitioners which includes education in Ayurveda and teaches, in practical terms, how to choose and cook food especially for the postpartum period, how to massage mums and teach them how to massage their infants, how to teach self-massage to mums and how to give breastfeeding support or just there to lend a hand or an ear when the going is tough. Regular online and on-site training programs are offered for those wishing to further their knowledge. Our certification program for training caregivers is endorsed by Rio University.

We see that some of these ways of support will be paid and others will be service orientated. Carers will be able to concentrate on an area with which they feel most comfortable. Good teamwork with strong leadership will bring the most benefit to the community support teams.

“I’ve seen women look better day one with this Ayurvedic Postpartum Care than during their entire pregnancy!”
Carolyn, North Carolina Midwife


Can you imagine the change in society if every mother-baby, and family were given this care at this precious time of their lives?
It’s a complete change in one generation!

Would you like to be involved in any capacity as this program begins to flourish?

How to contribute:

  • By introducing the project into your community.
  • By forming or joining a Mother & Infant support team in your city.
  • By taking our 100hour Postpartum Ayurdoula programme.
  • Or by choosing to become a specialised trainer in one of the modalities -Baby Massage, Mother Massage, Postpartum Cooking or Breastfeeding & Weaning.
  • By donating or helping us find funding.

How do we bring you support:

  • We offer online training sessions & ongoing support.
  • We deliver 10-day training at specific times in the year.

Contact us for more information.

Project Founders:

Ann Revington and Su Bowerman BA, BS, MA, MS are founding members of Sri Sri Ayurveda’s Mother and Infant Programme (AMI), since the initial meeting in Canada in 2000.

Both are members of the Art of Living Organisation, an NGO dedicated to the betterment of all people and the planet through Yoga, meditation, specific breathing techniques, Ayurveda and Service projects.

Sri Sri Ayurveda is the Ayurvedic arm of the Art of Living Foundation. Their main sites are in India, Germany, Poland, US, and Canada.

Elisabeth Jaeger joined the team in 2017 to support the nutrition element of the program.

Project gallery:

Ayurvedic Constitution of our body

GET INVOLVED To reach more people in need, we need your help: volunteers, supporters and donations.

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