Parent & Educator Course

  • July 30, 2021 at 6:30 pm
  • Open

Parent & Educator Course

Empowering Parents & Educators – Transforming Families & Schools

This unique course equips parents, teachers and youth workers with evidence-based tools and techniques to manage their own stress and emotions, thus improving the relationships with their children and those they work with.

Over three practical sessions, we bring awareness to the choices we make in our daily life. By taking ownership over our own values and behaviour, we show the children a better example.

Self-care is seen not as selfish, but as an integral part of a healthy body and mind. By understanding that our habits transfer to the next generation, it gives us tools to shift mindsets in a positive manner.

In each session, you will learn specific breathing techniques to provide you with a repeatable practice which complements a cognitive understanding of the functioning of your mind, your responses and interactions with others, and life generally

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