Vikram Hazra returns to the UK after 14 years to mesmerise UK audiences with his multi-city tour beginning 1 June 2019 accompanied by India’s ace flutist Soumya Jyoti Ghosh.
From Amir Khushru, Kabir, Sufi songs to devotional bhajans, Vikram brings rock sensibilities to the spiritual music genre.

Internationally acclaimed artist Vikram Hazra is one of the foremost names in Indian devotional music, with 15 albums and packed concerts in 49 countries till date.

He is accompanied by flutist Soumyajyoti Ghosh, one of the favourite disciples of the pre-eminent flute maestro Pt Ronu Majumdar, and one of the top recording and performing artists in the country today. With a wide repertoire that ranges from Hindustani classical to jazz, Ghosh is a musical prodigy, an established professional keyboard player and also plays the melodica, pennywhistle and dvoyanka, in addition to backing vocals and mouth percussion.

IAHV UK is the Charity Partner in this tour.

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Event Facilitator: Rahul Laud

Mobile: +447845449675


An IT professional and internationally renowned wildlife and nature photographer (also a performing musician) will take us through his images exploring the beauty of nature around narrating some interesting experiences in the field.

Join us in IAHV for ‘ TLEX® Synergize ‘  an exciting team building, change management exercise.   6th – 8th July 2018. (Venue and cost to be finalised)
TLEX® Synergize is a one of its kind; A workshop rolled out in collaboration with the World bank, and has a proven track record with leading Fortune 100 companies across the world in enhancing team building, creating a shared vision and commitment within members, building leaders and visionaries, and creating a sense of ownership within organisations.
IAHV UK is experiencing an interesting and exciting period of growth and development and this course comes at the right time to inspire us all to come together and work towards this shared vision of making a lasting, positive contribution to society.
The workshop teaches: Creating Ownership and Buy-in , Building Social Capital and Trust, Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience. It creates Impact, and skills beneficial for both personal and professional growth.

IAHV Annual Meet

Please make 20th Jan 2018 a very special day of your life by giving yourself a chance to know and engage in each and every service project of our charity.

Meeting within the IAHV community with fellow volunteers and project managers, updates on what is happening on various projects, bringing awareness to new volunteers is the key goal of this annual meet.

Please bring along your friends or family who are interested to contribute by way of time, skills or funds in Charity Service Projects.

Please RSVP at our Eventbrite page as the seats are limited and we need to make sure that we have proper arrangements in place.

A more detailed agenda and venue details will be emailed to you nearer to the time, if you have registered.

In case of any queries, feel free to email Shriroop Parikh ( or Anjali Mittal (

Looking forward to seeing you at the annual meet.

World Peace Meditation

What is happening on 21 September 2014?

A global synchronous meditation using a mobile app!

Supporters of peace across the globe will come together for this historic event at the scheduled time to meditate for world peace. You will create peaceful vibrations, and the ripple effect can create a wave of change for a better and more peaceful planet.

When is it going to happen?

Sunday, 21st September 2014 at UTC/GMT 2pm!

International Day of Peace is observed around the world on September 21 every year by the General Assembly of the United Nations for strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. This year, the day has a particular significance, since 2014 marks the 100th year of beginning of the horrific World War I. Check the time in your local time-zone to plan your day.

New York: 10:00 hrs     London: 15:00 hrs    Paris: 16:00 hrs     Bangalore: 19:30 hrs    Singapore: 22: 00 hrs


How is this event different from other WWI centenary events?

This is an opportunity for all to contribute to peace – every day

In this Centenary Year of WWI, hundreds of activities are  commemorating sacrifice, struggle and suffering.  Today the World is crying out for peace. The World Peace Meditation, along with our partners, enables all to  contribute towards peace starting at the  individual level –  with yourself. Through meditation you build inner peace, which leads to peace around you  and ultimately to world peace.
Where is this going to happen?

Wherever you are on the planet – at the scheduled time!

You can join through the mobile app and on the go

You can be part of this peace revolution by moving aside from wherever you are just for 20 minutes. Somewhere quieter is better, but  you may use your headphone even in the most crowded place in the world!  Great Meditation Tips are all on the app!!
How do I join in?

Download the app now!

The guided meditation audio is inside the World Peace App on your phone. On 21 September at the scheduled time you will be able to start the meditation on your phone – but you do need to have a mobile signal at the start time.

Join in! By joining you will also be part of an exciting attempt on  a World Record.
Why are my 20 minutes so important?

To build peace:

  • for yourself
  • for your immediate environment
  • for the wider world community


What can I do?

  • Download the #WorldPeaceApp for your iPhone / iPad or Android phone
  • Increase the belongingness with other peace lovers near you by allowing the app to access your location
  • Discover the steps on the daily “Path to Peace”
  • Spread peace yourself using the Share feature on the app
  • Connect and share your peace ideas and inspirations using the hashtag #DownloadPeace on our social media channels
  • Become a Peace Ambassador and promote peace in your own area. Complete the Ambassador form or email us at
  • Above all, on September 21, reserve #Just20mins to be part of the synchronised meditation
  • After 21 September, use the meditation yourself at any time. Every time the meditation is used it will be counted on the map on the app!
  • Use the map on the app to see who else is around you!
  • Take a Peace Selfie

Saleel Tambe is internationally renowned wildlife and nature photographer. This is a great opportunity to spend some time with him and dive into the stories about the wonderful creatures in nature. He has loads of stories and experience fused with adventure and love for nature which feeds in the WONDER and EXCITEMENT of children and adults – please mercerize yourself by exploring his website –

This is a fund raising event for IAHV (International Association for Human Values, charity wing of The Art of Living Foundation). All funds will go to Read Library project (providing free libraries in underprivileged schools in India, Nepal, China, Brazil and Sri Lanka)

Entry Tickets
Students – £5
Adults – £10

During networking snacks and drinks will be served.

For more details about the project please visit – 

Event related enquiries
Shubhra @07500887169 / Meghana @07794250394

Deepa –

Don’t miss the Evening fun time and bond with your own NATURE – see you there!!

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