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YES! for Schools (also known as SKY Schools) gives young students, teachers and parents tools to manage stress, allowing for more effective learning. YES! for Schools empowers the young to take responsibility for themselves and their education by giving them simple and effective cognitive and physiological tools.
[YES stands for Youth Empowerment Seminar]

This programme has had great success in schools internationally over the last 11 years with a reach of over a 110,000 young people. These schools have witnessed significant improvement in all aspects (e.g. behaviour, results, wellbeing).

Now more than ever before, many children leave school ill-equipped for life. Our education system is focused on academic achievement whilst the mental health and emotional needs of many students are not met.

Teachers are overwhelmed with pressure, stress and emotional burn-out handling the effects of bullying and trauma in their settings.
The young become disengaged from education and this has drastic implications for the mental wellbeing of our young.

This has very severe consequences for the young people and our society.
With your help, YES! for Schools can change that!

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