Peacebuilding (Lebanon & Jordan)

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To reduce stress, depression, anxiety and sleeping problems among violence and war affected children in Jordan and Lebanon, IAHV conducted till now 65 Stress Relief and Resilience (SRR) workshops for 2,500 children aged 7-16 . To ensure they are receiving the right care and have a supportive environment, 8 training workshops in Personal Resilience, Stress Management & Professional Care were conducted for 150 social and youth workers, as well as 4 training workshops for around 100 parents.


Refugee children in North Lebanon and North Jordan face anxiety, depression, sleeping problems, PTS, anger and aggression, lack of purpose, domestic violence, substance abuse, risk of recruitment, even increasing suicide. With the Syrian crisis in its 5th year, reduced international funds and resources, chronically overstretched services in host countries, we need innovative, scalable and effective methods to provide relief and empowerment and prevent long term consequences.


Through an integrated, innovative approach IAHV provides: trauma-relief, healing and resilience workshops for 18,000 children; in-depth training in human values and nonviolent empowerment for 400 children at risk of recruitment, self-harm and violent behaviour; stress management and resilience training for 3,300 frontline workers, teachers and caregivers to improve wellbeing, performance and coping capacity; Training of Trainers for 60 key front workers; Peace Ambassadors Training for 150 youth.

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