India COVID Relief: Supplying Oxygen

Oxygen Concentrators for India
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Oxygen Concentrators Save Lives
This campaign is raising funds to purchase large quantities of Oxygen Concentrators to meet the huge demand and help millions impacted.
As the second wave of COVID 19 devastates India, the daily death toll for a single country has sadly hit an all-time high. The sudden surge in India due to a newer variant is causing a cataclysmic number of deaths. Dwindling oxygen supplies are resulting in an unprecedented loss of life on an hourly basis.
IAHV in partnership with Art of Living in India is driving a large-scale effort to supply critical equipment to the hospitals. Our teams have established a supply chain to import Oxygen Concentrators (portable machines that generate purified O2 from ambient air) from countries outside of India. An order has been placed for 2000 Oxygen Concentrators, with delivery expected this week.
With the supply chain in place, we are able to import units in 4-5 days. The cost of an Oxygen Concentrator is approximately $800/unit. Donations may also be used to supply other critical equipment such as ventilators, beds, etc… depending on how the situation and needs evolve.
The world cannot be free from Covid-19 until each country, big or small, has overcome it. Now more than ever, we live in an inter-connected world. A country of 1.3 B people battling Covid-19 is a global issue that affects us all.
Every dollar counts. Your generosity will save lives. Please spread the word. The only way the world c defeat this pandemic is by coming together.
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