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Climate Action Now Climate Change Awareness and Mitigation hit the headlines as an exciting new project getting the go-ahead from IAHV’s inspirational founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on his UK tour on 13th June 2016.

You and Your CO2 Emissions:

Donate to Climate Action Now to Compensate!

Every time you produce carbon dioxide, it counts against the global carbon budget, meaning, it contributes to global warming. To combat climate change, you can pay a carbon fee according to the UK average carbon footprint, or you can pay according to flights you have taken, or you can by by or what you want and can afford. Here are some examples:

$20 is the US government’s department of energy figure for an effective carbon price.

  • 10 tonnes/person/year is the UK average * $20 (£16)   = $200 (£160)
  • London → Bangalore 2.5 Tonnes return per person * $20 (£16) = $50 (£40)

You can see the dynamic versions of the carbon budget, carbon dioxide and temperature spiral graphs here:


Your contribution will be stretched to the maximum, and utilized effectively where the need is most. Double your contribution! Check with your Employer if they have a donation matching program.

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