The IAHV-UK ACTivity is a new initiative launched in 2017.It is fundraising arm of IAHV. The aim is to contribute to making the projects run by IAHV more resilient, sustainable and enjoyable. Additionally, the project takes pride in working collaboratively with...


Human, Holistic, Highly Effective IAHV UK runs an international peacebuilding unit that works in partnership with other professionals and organisations at the forefront in integrating mental health and psycho social support into peacebuilding in post-conflict settings. These elements are now well...

Manage Your Mind CIC

Project Started in 2012

Manage Your Mind started off as a programme offered by IAHV. IAHV specialises in providing courses to reduce stress and anxiety and for anger management. Our courses/workshops are aimed at adults and young people in a wide range of situations including...

Prison Smart

Prison SMART (Stress Management And Rehabilitation Training) is a unique rehabilitation program for inmates. By effectively transforming the mindsets, attitudes and behaviors, Prison SMART aims to break the cycle of re-offending in our society. Through advanced breathing techniques, physical exercise, knowledge...

Gift A Smile

Supporting holistic education in India to over 43,000 students in 421 schools spread across 20 states in the slum, tribal and rural belts where child labour and poverty are widespread.

Montenegro Social Enhancement Programme

IAHV Uk successfully supports Stress reduction, and empowerment programmes for the most vulnerable in Montenegro, one of the least developed countries in Europe. IAHV UK has answered thier urgent need by funding and supporting an on-running programme within institutions and the...

Supporting Children’s Homes in Sri Lanka

IAHV supports 2 homes in Sri Lanka for disadvantaged, abandoned or orphaned children, in coordination with Art of Living Sri Lanka.  Each provides homes for about 23 children aged from about 8 to 18. IAHV has funded the repair of significant...

Read Library

Providing free libraries to schools in disadvantaged areas of India – Helping children to read and learn.

Happy Planet

A programme to improve awareness of climate change issues and provide information on practical actions for everyone to help do what they can to reduce climate change.


DISASTER & TRAUMA RELIEF INITIATIVES Disaster and Trauma Relief mobilises global volunteers to provide immediate aid and care, trauma relief, and long-term community development post disaster. In response to natural and manmade disasters, IAHV collects funds and goods for immediate material...

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