Happy Planet

A programme to improve awareness of climate change issues and provide information on practical actions for everyone to help do what they can to reduce climate change.

Happy Planet Climate Change Awareness and Mitigation hit the headlines as an exciting new project getting the go-ahead from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on his UK tour on 13th June 2016. This was swiftly followed with presentations to children, teens and adults at the Art of Living 2016 UK Summer Retreat on 20th August 2016.  

IAHV and Art of Living UK Branches are to work with Climate Change specialist non-profit org ‘Saving Our Planet’ http://savingourplanet.net  to raise awareness of the need for action on Climate Change.

This IAHV effort started thanks to Sri Sri’s encouragement at Bad Antogast on 20th April 2015 to pursue climate change activism. Liza Toth, who is a member of AOL, IAHV and Saving Our Planet, is heading up this project for IAHV and AOL.

Why the Fight against Climate Change?

We, otherwise very clever, humans have been a bit slow to realise that current levels of use of coal, oil and gas are creating excessive CO2 in the atmosphere, causing our planet to warm up.  An increase of 2°C was agreed by World leaders in Paris in December 2015 as the maximum, beyond which our planet will be in serious danger. But, currently we are on track for at least 4°C, which is excessive and likely threaten the planet’s ecosystem and human civilisation as we know it.

Time to Wake Up


Why IAHV and AOL?

We share core elements in our Mission Statements:


Saving Our Planet Mission Statement

The mission of Saving Our Planet is to inspire, energize and enable the entire community of humans to work together to save the planet, and to convince world leaders to make the fight against climate change their number one priority.

IAHV Mission Statement

The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) is a worldwide organisation with a mission to make the world a better place by fostering globally the values that unite us as a human community.


Climate change is an important contributing factor to international and domestic conflicts. To win against Climate Change, the world needs to work together: common interest over self-interest, sharing, not selfishness.  IAHV and AOL understand this and are well placed to make a difference.  Will you help us?

We all need to do this, and IAHV and AOL volunteers can lead by example:

What can you do?

  • Reduce your CO2 output
    Reduce Your CO2 Footprint
  • Tell others about the need for action – spread the word!
    Support Reforestation Efforts
  • If you can, teach the CCAMP course prepared for IAHV/AOL by Saving Our Planet, or help develop and teach short “Happy Planet” segments for AOL courses.
    What Is Climate Change?  Tackling Climate Change  Climate Change RealityThe slideshows can be downloaded from: http://www.slideshare.net/HansRasmussen
  • Introduce the Let’s Save Our Planet book into your local school as the basis for an interdisciplinary project on Climate Change Awareness and Mitigation.
    Saving Our Planet


Are you concerned about Climate Change?  Will you help?

Contact Climate Change Awareness and Mitigation Project Leader:  Liza Toth

Email: ipattorneyliza@gmail.com
Phone: 01252 642490
Further information is at http://savingourplanet.net

GET INVOLVED To reach more people in need, we need your help: volunteers, supporters and donations.

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