Climate Action Now

CAN Climate Action Now .. IAHV’s initiative to combat Climate Change!

Join IAHV’s Initiative to raise funds to plant as many trees as possible NOW.

An easy and accessible way to make a difference.

Planting trees is a great need in this moment to counter the destruction of our forests and offset the CO2 emissions that are so drastically fuelling Climate Change and the end of the planet as we know it.

IAHV and Art of Living UK Branches are working with Climate Change specialist NGO Saving Our Planet  to raise awareness of the threat of climate breakdown and what we can do to help. Together we have funded Eden Reforestation, a world expert in tree planting, to plant over 200,000 trees.


What can you do?

We are all contributing to climate change.  Now we can all do something about it.  We invite you to donate to raise awareness and to offset your carbon footprint by planting trees.  Plant enough trees and and you can go Carbon Neutral.


You can calculate your carbon footprint with this tool:


You can either contribute directly to the IAHV Climate Action Now program on this website and designate your contribution “for trees only”, or you can contribute through Global Giving website at, where the funds are used to plant trees but also to fund climate education.


Contact for Volunteers

Are you concerned about Climate Change?  Will you help as a volunteer? We particularly need accountants and assistant project managers.  Contact Project Manager Liza Toth at email  Phone 01252 642490. Further information is at



  1. Carbon Offsetting: Remove your carbon footprint by planting trees. We plant 93 trees for every £10 donated.
  2. Awareness through Outreach to Schools: Introduce schools to graphic text on Climate Change Awareness and Mitigation, “Let’s Save Our Planet.” Currently published in English, French and Italian. Translations into other languages have been undertaken and publishing can be arranged.
  3. Awareness through AOL Courses: a Climate Change Module has been approved for use on AOL programs, for children and adults, but did not get traction. Volunteers are needed to build a new AOL course around climate change.
  4. Plant 3500 trees: they will remove the UK average of approximately* 14 Tonnes of GHG emissions per person per annum every year the trees are growing. Plant 3500 trees for a one-time donation of £374.  Donations via IAHV are eligible for Gift Aid. *See



Global Giving – look out for matched Fundraisers at


GET INVOLVED To reach more people in need, we need your help: volunteers, supporters and donations.

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