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IAHV-UK The British 10K Run, 2015

The IAHV-UK British 10K Run on Sunday 12th July 2015 raised over £24,000.  Many thanks to our 126 runners, joggers and walkers, to our fantastic organising team and to our generous sponsors.


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IAHV-UK The British 10K Run, 2015

The IAHV-UK British 10K Run on Sunday 12th July 2015 raised over £24,000.  Many thanks to our 126 runners, joggers and walkers, to our fantastic organising team and to our generous sponsors.



Nepal - Transforming Lives - Tackling the Trauma

Nepal - Bastrika

Volunteers have delivered Trauma Relief to over 40,000 people following the devastating Nepal Earthquake



BreatheSMART is the community based programme of PrisonSMART, and is currently running in Hackney and Brighton.It is a  practical and effective stress management programme initiating positive individual development targeted at those who live with personal and social problems of trauma, abuse, addiction, and violence, and who are maybe directly involved with, or on the fringes of crime and motivated to change.



International Day of Peace 21 September 2014

International Day of Peace

21 September 2014

"Join the World Peace Meditation"

21 September is International Day of Peace, dedicated by the UN to
strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and
peoples.  21 September has particular significance this year, as 2014 marks
the 100th year since the start of WW1.

Join us on Sunday 21 September 2014 for potentially the largest group
meditation ever experienced in the World!

World Peace Meditation uses mobile App technology to promote peace and to
bring all together on 21st September 2014 for a synchronised World Peace
Meditation for people to build peace:

  • for themselves
  • for their immediate environment
  • for the wider world community


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In this year of World War 1 Centenary, the WPM is a new powerful and exciting initiative employing mobile app technology to bring people together for a global peace program. The key event is a worldwide peace meditation on Sept 21, 2014 - the UN International Day of Peace. Read more...


Balkans Flood Relief

Relief Centre

Following the severe floods last month in the Balkans over 1 million have been affected, and 500,000 have had to leave their homes and lost everything. A whole city has been effectively destroyed.

The victims are staying in refugee camps and centres in very difficult conditions. They urgently need emergency relief with food, clothes, medicines and trauma relief.


Read Library

Helping Children to Read and Learn

How narrow would your life be today if you had only ever read the set school textbooks? Or no books! Well, that is the experience of many children today in schools in India. There is lack of emphasis on reading and learning abilities. Schools neither have the facilities nor provide encouragement to children to widen their knowledge, skills and imagination through accessing a range of books.



Supplying the Missing Link to Peacebuilding –Effectively Transforming Hearts and Minds for Peace

The IAHV Peacebuilding project was set up in March 2013, with the aim of identifying, articulating and developing IAHV’s unique expertise and approach to peacebuilding as part of strengthening peacebuilding efforts worldwide.

There is a “peacebuilding industry” which invests billions in political, economic, security and other systems intended to create more stability and development, but these efforts rarely lead to a lasting, self-sustaining peace. Existing peacebuilding interventions focus extensively on external conditions and systems, but mostly fail to address a crucial dimension of peacebuilding, namely creating peace at the individual level. Peace cannot be realized in a society as long as the individuals in it are not at peace.


Philippines Typhoon Disaster - 2013

IAHV UK fundraised for the victims of the Typhoon which killed and made homeless thousands of people in the Philippines. IAHV UK immediately provided £5000 of funding for the ground team to roll out relief initiatives.

IAHV colleagues in the Philippines conducted trauma- relief workshops in Jose Fabilla area in Manilla and in Cebu.


Manage Your Mind

Manage Your Mind achieves 80% Reduction in Anxiety and 75% Reduction in Depression

STRESS – is a term we are all familiar with and is something we all encounter in our day-to-day lives. Our free weekly workshops in Medway, Kent, will help anyone affected by Stress, Anxiety and Depression.


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