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Divine Karnataka Slum Project

Divine Karnataka Slums Project

There were 120 slums in Bangalore during 1998. At present there are over 750. Every resident of the slum continues to stay in slum forever as his children end up into working as labourers with no proper education and with no guidance to break the vicious cycle.


The population of the slums thereby swells and spreads across to nearby areas as well. Increased migration of labourers from the villages to urban areas has been noted due to lack of opportunities in the villages and massive Infrastructure Development in Urban areas. Slums also act as vote banks for political parties and hence have got good patronage by them, ensuring their continuity.


Children of less than 16 years of age in these slums do go to the govt. schools in the slum, attendance in these schools have gone up in recent times due to Mid-Day meal schemes. However, the quality of teaching has not kept pace with the changing times and needs. There is no personal attention and guidance to these children. School drop-outs will be on the rise as they approach higher classes either to support the family or lack of guidance/ direction/ support.

School Drop-outs are more aligned to take to crime, due to quick money, enticing surrounding. The Youths over 18 years & less than 25 years face the same problems and above that their education does not match the expectations of potential employers. As a result of lack of motivation /guidance and counselling they become easy targets to addictive habits like Smoking/ Alcohol, Drugs. Health/Hygiene & nutrition is a matter of concern due to unhealthy surroundings, limited access to medical care and lack of awareness on good eating habits.

Action Plan

The IAHV vision of Divine Karnataka Project is to establish community center in each slum . This center will be equipped to provide Tuitions, computer training for the children and youth regularly. It will hold Art of Living courses & programmes. A helpline is going to be established. School health programme is highlighted in this project. Healthy environment is assured with regular cleaning drives in the surroundings/ awareness programs. The community will have access to mobile library which will visit every slum regularly. Sports grounds will be identified for each slum. Awareness regarding health, nutrition, cleanliness, behaviour, habits etc. will be established by orientation programmes, work shops, exhibition and training programmes.

The money IAHV raises for this cause will provide funds to carry out these activities of setting up the infrastructure in these slum centers, support salaries for slum Coordinators, Teachers, Computer & Tailoring Instructors and regular training of trainers. It will enable the Centers in meeting the requirement of tailoring machines, computers and buying books for library .

To achieve this goal DKP plans to train children and youth from various walks of society to enable them to be self reliant and to be enablers for development activities to be undertaken across various districts/towns/villages/slums of urban areas.

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