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Kind Hearts

In 2009 IAHV supported a project called "Kind Heart". Pupils across Tyneside are set to spread a little kindness as part of a special day aimed at combating bullying.

On November 13th, three schools were encouraging their pupils to demonstrate "Random Acts of Kindness" to each other.

Mortimer Community College in South Shields, Gosforth Junior High and St Joseph's in Hebburn took part, as part of a successful programme to promote the benefits of kindness, mutual support and cooperation amongst the youngsters.
Also taking part is South Tyneside Mayor Councillor Tracey Dixon who was at Mortimer Community College alongside local TV star John Grundy who talked about safeguarding the environment.
Meanwhile, Newcastle's Lord Mayor Councillor Peter Arnold visited Gosforth Junior High School.
The organisation behind the event was founded by Kathy Cunningham, at Mortimer Community College. She believes the progammes can have a significant impact on the attitudes of all the students taking part.
She said: "Kindness spreads like a ripple effect. Sometimes it even takes courage to stand up and show kindness but that is what we are asking people to do. We are hoping that through our actions we can start a chain reaction and hopefully each year this event can grow across the region and beyond."
England Rugby Union World Cup star Jonny Wilkinson has added his weight to the campaign and has offered his own view on what constitutes kindness to go with definitions from local school children on the Kind Hearts website.
He writes: "Kindness - Of a friendly, generous, considerate and hospitable nature, warm hearted and good. Without kindness the world would be a poorer place and with a little more it would be a better one."
Kind Hearts was inspired by the International Association for Human Values which promotes unity and a sense of belonging amongst all, regardless of race, class and religion, through humanitarian work and experiential workshops.
For more information on Kind Hearts go to www.kindhearts.org
or contact
Kathy Cunningham 0191 456 6511
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





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